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Billy urban dictionary

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Billy urban dictionary

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A Billyor Billy-Headed. Also Billy-goat. Literally a jack-ass, or ass-hole. Douche-bag irban also accepted. The animals are rather stupid, and purposeless. This is not a jokethere are people who use this word smainly up in the mountain regions, where Billy Goats are found.

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She loves to transexual escorts in melbourne around and will spend hours talking to you! Although there are differences depending on the Billy's zodiac sall Billys can be incredibly moody, but it is tolerable because Billys are very hard not to love. This is not a jokethere are people who billy urban dictionary this word smainly up in the mountain regions, where Urvan Goats are found.

All Billys enjoy being a part of any debate, but most specialize in a couple of different subjects and enjoy urbaan their knowledge in those. Big boobs.

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Also Billy-goat. Billie keeps everyone smiling even at bad times.

Zach : Yes! Billie is also a heart-breaker. Billy A wise, yet rather young, playful soul. Cody : Who is Billie? When eating, make sure that your food does not leave any Billys on your lip or billg Extremely gorgeous!

They possess a beautiful compassion for most anything or anyone that they feel could use any potential help. Literally a jack-ass, or ass-hole. Billie is very loving and caring and cictionary a big heart. Usually has brown or blonde hair. She is usually short.

In some cases it can be sub-divided down to just plain Billy, depending on the wording. Other than that she irban make an amazing girlfriend. But only because she has had her heart broken too many times.

Has a nice ass! Some Billys can be the exact opposite of all of these characteristics, if that's the case, that sucks for you.

Billys are fun loving and wonderful people to be in the presence of, most are known to be loyal, intelligent, and charismatic. They love with a love like no other and are often romantics. She is a really good kisser. Billie is beautiful!

Man your so fucking Billy Headed. Billie likes to be the center of all attention. Kevin: Billie is the most caring and loving chick ever!

She dictionry really crazy and you would think she was on crack if you didn't really know her! She also has a very dirty mind and will make you unconformable at times.

You such a Billy, you fuck-tard. But you may dictoinary to watch out Billys take a strange, yet strong interest in whats going on in society at a young age. Billie is very popular and has very many friends who love her. They believe billy urban dictionary in revolutionizing and creating a better tomorrow.

A Billyor Billy-Headed. She is also very sensitive and easily hurt. While Billys do have the intentions of doing well in life themselves, they can seem unmotivated due to intense procrastinating. Examples: You damn Billy.

Michael: Have you met Billie? Has freckles and usually blue eyes. She is very smart and has a big imagination.

The animals are rather stupid, and purposeless. A thinker, a bit of a philosopher, a lover, and quite a debater.

Douche-bag is also accepted. Has an amazing personality. Examples: Hey don't be like a Billy.